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Under pressure from non-English speaking users, the Internet engineering community is considering several proposals for supporting foreign language do   More..
Sales up year-over-year but down quarter-over-quarter. Domain Holdings has released its quarterly report of domain name sales. The company sold $4.75   More..
Sudo had 605 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.1 million in sales. A number of the higher sales are still going through transfer, s   More..
People often ask me how they can sell their domain names. I usually tell them to use domain name marketplaces, where you can expose your domain names   More..
Buying a domain name is simple, however, finding one that will actually yield a profit is much more difficult. There are a myriad of factors that dete   More..
Buying and selling domains can be an incredibly profitable industry. Though domains can be purchased for as little as a dollar, the record domain sale   More..
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