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Domain Holdings reports $4.75 million domain name sales in Q1

Sales up year-over-year but down quarter-over-quarter.

Domain Holdings has released its quarterly report of domain name sales. The company sold $4.75 million worth of domain names in Q1 2015.

Although this is up 40% over its sales in Q1 of 2015, the number is about half of what the company has sold in each of the past three quarters 

Domain Holdings’ sales team has gone through a lot of recent upheaval, with a number of brokers leaving

Here are some other stats from Domain Holdings’ report:

  • 65% of sales to end users 
  • $49,522 average domain name sale price 
  • 75% of sales to U.S., 31% to China (particularly 2-3 character domains) 
  • 75% of sales are .com, with ccTLDs at 8% and other gTLDs at 3% 
  • 45% of sales to new clients, 55% to existing clients 
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