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End user domain name sales

Sudo had 605 domain name transactions last week for a total of $1.1 million in sales. A number of the higher sales are still going through transfer, so some big end user sales might be missing from this list.

Here’s a list of end user domain name sales from last week:

  • Spsv.co.uk £895 – UK company Redu, an online marketing company helping ecommerce stores drive sales 
  • xyz.com $799 – Lomba, a company that teaches languages to children. I suspect xyz is a new brand or product name. 
  • eMc.biz $950 – the owner of eMc.biz smartly bought the unhyphenated version. 
  • Opt.net $8,000 – ooh, nice use of .net. Opt Schoel Company, which appears to be a web development outfit, bought the domain name. 
  • DJMedia.org $2,000 – RJ Media LLP in England dropped the llp from its domain name DJMediaLLP.org 
  • Enblo.co $2,000 – IT services company Enblo bought the .com to match its Enflo.co domain name 
  • SanfVideos.com €2,000 – Sanf Vision, which sells sports DVDs at ActSportsVideos.com. 
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