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How to Sell Domain Names on Marketplaces

People often ask me how they can sell their domain names. I usually tell them to use domain name marketplaces, where you can expose your domain names to millions of domain searchers each month with just a little set up work.

Since my fingers are about to fall off from responding to so many inquiries about this topic, I decided to sit down and write an extensive 26 page report explaining how to best sell your domain names through domain marketplaces 

In this free 26 page report you’ll learn:

  • Which marketplaces have partnerships to get your domain names in front of domain buyers at the exact moment they’re searching for your domains. 
  • How to set up your portfolio at each marketplace 
  • How to respond to sales inquiries at each marketplace in order to get top dollar for your domains 
  • Which marketplace is best for your type of domains 
  • What to do if you’re getting a lot of low ball offers on your domain names. 
  • A Zero-commission alternative for selling your domains. 



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